You can follow the adventures of the two campaigns I ran in the Land of the Crane. The current campaign, Kobayashi the Devourer, is being updated as we go along. The original campaign, Journey to the Fire Crane, has been complete for many years, but I am updating material and making it available where appropriate.

Kobayashi the Devourer

D&D 5E, currently ongoing My current gaming group is playing a team of four young women whose clan, Tokugawa, was devoured by the evil spirit known as Kobayashi the Devourer.

Journey to the Fire Crane

D&D 3E, complete Many years ago, my gaming group embarked on a campaign in a world inspired by manga, anime, and a healthy dose of kung-fu films. That campaign world eventually became the Land of the Crane, and was published for the True20 game system by Green Ronin publishing.