Inspiration is known as Honor in Tsurukoku and represents the glory and goodwill that a character acquires for her Allegiance. Except for regaining spent points, which is detailed below, Honor functions identically to Inspiration.

Regaining Honor

The bond between a character and his allegiance fuels his spirit. Heroes without allegiances are considered dishonored and cannot regain honor until they establish an allegiance.

Option: Losing Honor

If the game master wishes for a more complex system of managing Honor, he may choose to penalize characters by removing Honor if they perform an action that unintentionally harms their allegiance, or if through their inaction, they cause harm to come to their allegiance. In this case, they have dishonored, or brought dishonor upon their allegiance.

This option requires a high level of trust between the GM and players, however, because GM often take great delight in thrusting characters into morally ambiguous situations. However, it has the potential to reduce reckless behavior and cause players to more carefully consider the consequences of their characters’ actions.