Tsurukoku is a primarily mountainous region with a total land area of 144,500 square miles. It is shaped like an elongated boomerang, with the western arm much longer than the eastern arm. The distance from the westernmost point to the easternmost point is ten times the distance from the northernmost point to the southernmost point.

The empire is bordered on the west by the Great Sea, to the north by the Ashlands, to the south by the Nagara River and to the east by the Xin Empire. About 10% of the land area is totally uninhabitable due to the extremely mountainous conditions, and about 50% of the land contains 90% of the population.

The Tsuchitora mountain range runs north to south along all of Tsurukoku’s eastern border. A smaller range, of which its volcanic namesake, Mount Hizuru, is a part, runs parallel to Tsuchitora for several hundred miles before swinging west. The largest mountain range is Iwayama, which runs east to west through the center of the country.

The Nagara River is the mightiest of the Tsurukokan rivers. It is the home of one the five spiritual guardians of Tsurukoku, the great dragon spirit that shares its name. The roots of the river are in the Tsuchitora range, and it is fed by each of the other mountain ranges as it flows west toward the Great Sea. The river is considered the southern border of the empire.